Environmentally Friendly Green Roof For Sports Facility

— 10 July 2019

GBS Roofing has installed a specialist flat roof that will deliver significant environmental benefits at a new community sports facility being built in Glengormley, NI by FORMME Construction.

The Bauder sedum green roof at Croi Eanna is a unique and highly effective roofing solution sought after by businesses or homeowners who wish to reduce their environmental impact.

Barry Mairs, Managing Director, GBS Roofing said: “Sedum is a fast-growing plant that can quickly form a mat like cover but never grows more than 6 inches in height and needs no maintenance once installed.

“It's a natural insulator and water absorber making it a perfect roofing material for even the most challenging weather conditions. Aesthetically, it blends perfectly into the landscape, changing colour with the seasons.  

“Sedum roofs also provide a habitat for wildlife and assist in reducing or offsetting the overall carbon footprint of the building and its construction. This makes them an attractive option for anyone wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.”